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Grinding Solutions

Self-centering steady rests


High precision grinding Steady Rests

Grinding diameter Ø 20 - 85 mm

  • Fine adjustment of the grinding center
  • Retractable arms
  • Suitable for follow down grinding
  • High rigidity

High precision air chucks

Chuck sizes Ø 80 - 250 mm

  • For OD and ID clamping
  • Built-in pneumatic actuation
  • For universal grinding applications
Type D

Diaphragm chucks

Chuck sizes Ø 210 - 400 mm

  • Diaphragm technology for highes precision
  • External or pitchline clamping
  • With or without open center

High precision face drivers for machining between center pins

  • Machining of the entire surface of the workpiece with one single ope ration
  • Power operated on the side of the spindle
  • Highest rund-out accuracy

Pneumatic pancake cylinder for diaphragm chuck D-VARIO and face driver FDG

  • Easy installation for grinding and turning mach ines without hydraulic unit
  • Operating pressure 2-8 bar
  • Medieum feed for air / coolant

Segment sleeve mandrels

Clamping diameter Ø 18 - 105 mm

  • For ID clamping
  • Rigid design